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SERVICES SETA accreditation number 12360

Corruption Training - our Core Business

While we provide training in general, our core business is to provide training on corruption in South African to your anti-corruption unit and teams. We will tell you what is corruption and what is bribery, because South Africa has its own unique corruption definition and bribery definition in terms of our corruption act. We found that people generally operate with a bribe and corruption meaning that present many pitfalls to them . Our topics cover types of corruption, examples of corruption, causes of corruption, anti-corruption strategies, types of corruption, and the effects of corruption. This anti-corruption awareness will bring added value to your organisation in that you avoid representational and financial losses, being blacklisted by the South African government, and that your company can prevent long drawn out court cases ending in potential jail terms for employees and management.

3 types of Corruption Training

  1. A Services SETA Certificate Course on Anti-corruption and Bribery
  2. A Corruption and Bribery course we custom design for you.
  3. A training book on Anti-corruption and Bribery, namely the Anti-Corruption Manual For South Africa , that you can buy.

Corruption Course Costs

Contact us so that we can work out a quote for you.

Why choose Batho Pele Centre of Learning?

  • We are a 100% Black owned, Level 3 Contribution Company . Use us to improve the preferential procurement element of your B-BBEE scorecard which measures the extent to which your company purchase its qualifying goods and supplies from B-BBEE compliant supplier.
  • We are Services SETA accredited. This makes it possible to claim back from your Skills Development Levy monies you spent on us doing your training.
  • We are Services SETA accredited. Our training thus meet certain high standards while our trainees can use it to build their professional and academic careers.
  • We are registered on the South African Government Central Supplier Database. You get the peace of mind that we comply with all the legal and other requirements of an active and trading company.
  • We are skilled experts on the subjects, that have published the Anti-corruption Manual For South Africa, which is highly recommended by a wide variety of high profile and ordinary citizens of South Africa.

Learners, Staff, Assessors and Moderators

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